Goal Achiever - About us

The Goal Achiever, Inc founder was inspired by her cousin Terri Large who passed away at 18 years old. Her Inspiring story impacted lives and has been for nearly a decade. The program goal is to form a community of Goal Achievers and provide inspiring stories to help inspire others and their life journey. The program provides Scholarship, School Donations, Rewards & Benefits opportunities to the members that support the program. Selected charities for cancer awareness, Terri Large “Keeping the Faith & Disable Veteran’s programs will receive donations at the end of each fiscal year. The program is designed to create a Win, Win opportunity to the supporting members and community. We believe, if you are willing to help yourself, your family & others no one can stop you for achieving your desired goals.

For nearly a decade The Terri Large Inspiration Scholarship Award has been provided to Seniors students at Rancho Cucamonga High School. Now through Goal Achiever Program, our goal is to provide scholarships, school donations throughout the country.
Check out the Scholarships Awards Winners and Terri Story @ Terri Large “Keeping the Faith” website: http://www.terrilarge.org/

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