Goal Achiever - Cash Credit Alerts

Cash Alerts

1st – With a purchase of an apparel, members will be selected randomly throughout the month to win cash prizes towards their goals, the member will be notified via text or email to accept and respond back to the cash alert to participate in the “Goal Booster Game” which one member will win the cash prize. The member notified will have until 9pm pacific time to accept to participate before the next person is notified. The same process will continue until a person accepts the text or email.

2nd – When a member uses the Goal Setting tools and select their desired goals, they can click on the cash alert button to qualify to play the “Goal Booster” game each week. Every week one member will the selected to win the cash prize at the end of the month. Every Monday at 12:00am PST the cash alert button is reset, go to your “Goal Setting Page and click on the cash alert button and re-enter again. Rinse and repeat every week. Below is how the cash Alert Button looks!

Credit Alerts

Members you meet the Goal Achiever guidelines and help in the community will receive 10 credits to enter the Ultimate Monthly Booster Reward Contest. The first 10 members you submit the guideline documents will be selected. The member can only access the credit alert through setting a goal on the Goal Setting Page. Below is how the Credit Alert button looks!

The Goal is to keep people aware of the goals they set and recognize members who are helping in the community.