GOAL ACHIEVER - School Participant

School Donations
School participants are educators who teach form K-12. By signing up as a school participant the selected educator at the end of the year will be chosen to receive school donations for their classroom. The school donations are raised form the apparel purchases from all the educators who teach at that school. To qualify, the educator must purchase an apparel item to be selected for the School Donation.

Scholarship Donations
Each educator will select one K-12 inspiring student by a selected timeline and at the end of the year an inspiring student will be selected to receive the “Terri Large” Inspiration scholarship award.
To qualify for the Scholarship Award the educator must purchase an apparel item.
Disclaimer – before any scholarship award is given out the parent or guardian of the student must sign a disclaimer statement releasing the name of the winner.

Educator Benefits

  • By becoming a school participant/Goal Achiever member, when you refer another member to sign up and support the program the member will receive a financial benefit to help with their financial goals.
  • Ultimate Booster Educator Rewards: A percentage of the apparel proceeds goes towards the Ultimate Booster Educator Rewards where ten educators will be selected at the end of the year to participate in the Game Booster game for an opportunity to win the cash reward. The cash reward can go towards the educator retirement goals.

Educator “School Talk” Podcast
Each month we hold a podcast interview with a participating educator about “School Talk” focusing on education, student struggles, etc. This interview is shared in the member back office.

See the inspiring awards winners at: Keeping the Faith website: http://www.terrilarge.org/