GOAL ACHIEVER - Sponsor Participant

Sponsors are corporate, entrepreneurs, business owners, professional services, non-profit organizations and executives who support the program by purchasing apparel items. A percentage of the apparel proceeds goes towards scholarship, school donations and charity.

Sponsor – Directory Advertisement
The sponsor company name, logo, website will be placed in the Goal Achiever back office Directory under Sponsors. It is for name/brand recognition and support of the program. Sponsors each month will be recognized if selected for the following:

  • Sponsor- Ultimate Rewards Booster
    Each month a sponsor will be selected and acknowledge during the Goal Booster Contest as a supporting sponsor.
  • Sponsor- Entrepreneur “Talk” Podcast
    Each month we hold a podcast interview with a participating sponsor about “Entrepreneur Talk” about success and struggles in business. These interviews are shared in the member back office.
  • Sponsor- Goal Achiever “Newsletter”
    Each month a participating sponsor will be selected and featured in the Goal Achiever

Sponsor- Apparel Purchase Benefits
A percentage of all participating sponsor purchases goes towards the Ultimate Rewards Booster Sponsor Rewards where ten sponsors will be selected at the end of the year to participate in the Goal Booster game for an opportunity to win cash rewards. The cash rewards can go towards the sponsor goals or donated to scholarship, school donations and charity. The choice is up to the sponsor.

Contact a representative for details about our sponsor package plans.