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Terri Large’s Inspiring Story to others is “To never give up on your goals & dreams!”

Her inspiring words at a young age were, “Stay focused!”

Check out her story and The Terri Large Inspiring Scholarship Award Winners @ Terri Large “Keeping the Faith” website:


Terri Large was an inspiring teenager that passed away at the age of 18 due to a rare brain tumor. She fought the battle of cancer for 8 years, starting when she was 10 years old. Odds were not in her favor since her 1st surgery when doctors removed the tumor. They predicted a 50/50 chance of survival, and if she survived, her time would be limited. She beat the odds for over 7 years before the cancer came back in her Senior year of High School. In April 2011, she attended prom looking beautiful, dressed stunningly, and walking in her high heels. Her goals in life included going to college and becoming a Psychologist to help people. She received a scholarship through Kettle One Vodka to University of  La Verne,  in La Verne, California. When she started college, she was in a wheelchair, and the Cancer was progressing rapidly. She was advised by doctors not to attend and to stay in the hospital for treatment. Nothing could stop her from attending college; she attended twice a week, even when she was tired or not feeling well. Each time she arrived at college, she had a look in her eyes that she was on top of the world and nothing could stop her. She was determined to achieve her goals, no matter the circumstances. She was once asked, “How do you do it?” She replied, “I pray and stay focus on my goals, and nothing can get in the way.” She was able to attend college for a few months before passing away on Thanksgiving Day in 2011. Due to the fact she never gave up on her goals, we recognize her as the #1 Goal Achiever. She attended Rancho Cucamonga High School and was an inspiring student that started a program called “CAST.” Due to her inspirational dedication as a student, her former High School awards a special honor each year called the “Terri Large Inspiration Award.” The award provides scholarships to selected inspiring students through Terri Large Keeping the Faith Foundation. The Foundation also helps families from Kaiser with children battling Cancer. For the past 4 years, an annual “Squeaky Clean Comedy” fundraiser has been held to raise money for the Foundation. Her legacy has been carrying on for the past 7 years at Rancho Cucamonga High School and throughout the community. A few close family members & friends decided it’s time to take her “Legacy” to another level by creating the “Goal Achiever Program” in memory of the #1 Goal Achiever, “Terri Large.”


Check out her story and Terri Large Inspiring Scholarship Award Winners @ Terri Large “Keeping the Faith” website:


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